Christmas Extravaganza generates spirit of the holidays


International musician and showman Dino Kartsonakis and his singing wife Cheryl Kartsonakis performed their highly acclaimed show that is a Christmas-favorite amongst Branson audiences on Wednesday and Friday nights at the Cowan Civic Center Theatre.

Truelove Ministries and the Boswell family were pleased to present this musical Christmas gift, which also featured the Truelove Quartet.

The first half of Dino’s Christmas Extravaganza zips by with an array of some of the greatest music of all time. Your ears are treated to a grand opening number, “Classical Christmas.” This number is chock full of holiday favorites and accented by an incredible light show. The centerpiece of the Cowan Civic Center stage is Dino’s Austrian crystal piano. Dino’s piano reflects a light show in itself. He even shared that every crystal is placed by hand on the piano. From the fabulous opening number, you hear the Christmas all-time favorite, “White Christmas.” You’ll be convinced you are in Dino and Cheryl’s living room sitting around the piano during the most wonderful time of the year the second the curtain opens.

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<p>A dancer performs as part of Dino Kartsonakis' recent Christmas concerts in Lebanon.</p>

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