Conway High project proceeds Work won't be done before school starts

By Fines Massey The Daily Record

Renovations at Conway High School will not be done right after school starts as contractors had hoped, but the project will still be completed on time.

"We knew it wasn't all going to be complete by the time school started, but we were hoping we would have some of it completed, and I think they will have a couple rooms finished by the time school starts, but not all of it," said Laclede County R-1 School District's new superintendent, Tanya Vest. Bales Construction Company has a contracted completion date of Sept. 24.

"They're technically not behind, but they are behind where they thought they were going to be," Vest said. Bales Construction had an issue with a subcontractor that was going to be doing concrete work for the project. Bales eventually had to hire another subcontractor to do the work.

The half-million dollar project will add more permanent classroom space and eliminate two mobile units at Conway High School. The original price tag for the renovation was $509,000, which included the renovation of a vocational education shop, connecting the shop to the campus' main building and buying new furniture and equipment for the newly renovated classrooms.

On Monday night, the Laclede County R-1 Board of Education approved an addendum to the project, paying Bales Construction an additional $2,438 to remove two overhead garage-style doors and wall them in.

The renovation will create a 1,295 square-foot vocational education classroom and two 803 square-foot history classrooms. Two classes that are already in the building, science and art classrooms, will get slightly more room because of a rearranging of the building's restrooms.

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<p>Cody Dunbar, left, and David Hornberger of Bales Construction work on framing walls on Tuesday afternoon.</p>

<p>Bales Construction Company employee, Cody Dunbar, cuts metal wall supports to length.</p>

<p>Tanya Vest</p>

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