Three seek remaining year of Ward 3 term in Tuesday's election

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The Lebanon Daily Record recently presented Lebanon City Council and mayor candidates questionnaires in order to provide information to the voters.

Voters will be deciding two seats in Ward 3. Incumbent Brian Anthony is running unopposed for his two-year term. Anthony chose not to respond to The Daily Record’s questionnaire.

There is a race for a one-year, unexpired term in the seat currently held by Steve Sing. Candidates who responded to the questionnaire are Sing and Dennis Elmore. Candidate Jeff Stokes chose not to respond.

1. What is your position on the city’s plan to extend the runway at the Floyd W. Jones Airport project?

Elmore: I am opposed to the runway expansion project. The usage of the airport has seen a huge decrease over the years. The aircraft inventory has decreased as well, attributed mostly to new technology, such as video conferencing, and today’s economy. The plans are extremely old and are still not complete. The cost is unknown, but constantly increasing. A small, special interest group is asking you and me to sign a blank check...I don’t think so. The airport safety record, to me, is about as good as it gets. The safety concern should be the closing of Fremont Road. This must not happen. Increasing the emergency response time to Christian Health Care, the assisted living home, as well as many others should be the concern of all citizens. We are talking lives and property here. Who is willing to step up and say, “I’ll take responsibility?” Fremont Road is also a daily commute for over 2,800 cars per day. It is estimated the closing of Fremont will cost each family $750 more in gas each year. They should not suffer the cost so others can enjoy. This project not only forces families to give up their land, but their freedom and happiness as well. This is unnecessary and wrong. Bottom line, no one has shown a need for this project. Remember, everyone will pay but a few will enjoy the ride.

Sing: I am for the portions of Phase II that are federally funded (90 percent) with MoDOT contributing other 5 percent, with the following conditions:

The work already completed does count toward our 5 percent contribution as stated by previous and current MoDOT Aviation Department heads. MoDOT does contribute their 5 percent as stated recently by the department. These funds are collected by the federal government from airport users for projects like this. This project will create jobs for Lebanon and Laclede County, both directly (construction), and indirectly (increased business). This is why Regional Economic Development is unanimously for this project.

Completion of this project will update our airport (lighting, both runway and taxiway), make it in compliance with FAA directives for Runway Safety Areas, making our airport much safer for operators and innocent by-passers alike.

Portions of Phase II paid 100 percent by Lebanon should be looked at on a case-by-case basis and look toward private investment for these items, several items that have already been completed by private investment.

For more of this article, see the Friday/Saturday edition of the Daily Record or read it online in the eEdition.

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