Keaton shines in the untold (and surprisingly interesting) story of McDonald’s


Michael Keaton, one of the most underrated actors of his time, steals the show as the man who stole the idea for McDonald’s and made it the fast food giant it is today.

In “The Founder,” Keaton stars (and pretty much carries the whole movie on his shoulders, as Ray Kroc, the man who took McDonald’s from a tiny company on the West Coast to a household name. On the surface, it may not sound like the most interesting plot for a film, but little did I know about all the backstabbing and corporate maneuvering that led to the creation of the McDonald’s we know today. More than a history of McDonald’s, this is the story of a failed salesman who never quit chasing his dreams. It’s one man’s triumph from a failure to one of the most successful businessmen in American history — although he didn’t get their in the nicest of ways.

When we meet Kroc in the movie, he’s chased after many dreams — many ideas that he knew were the sure thing. When he approached his wife (Laura Dern) with the idea of investing in a little drive-in burger joint in San Bernardino, Calif., his wife rightfully scoffed at it as another one of his get-rich-quick schemes. On top of that, the brothers who owned McDonald’s (played by Nick Offerman and John Carrol Lynch) turned down his idea of franchising their restaurant. But, the ever persistent Kroc finally wooed both on their sides, and who can blame them? Keaton absolutely oozes with charisma in this film. If the real Kroc was even half as charming as Keaton is in this film, there’s no wonder he was so successful. I mean this guy is at a level where he probably could have started a cult. When Keaton breaks into a monologue as Kroc, you believe every word he says, even when you know he’s lying.

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