Board looks into hiring Downtown director

Chris Roden

Lebanon’s Downtown Business Association Board met Sept. 17 and explored the hiring and funding of a director to drive its implementation of the Main Street Approach to revitalizing the downtown district.

It opened with a presentation about the Main Street Approach by the City of Lebanon’s Promotions Event Coordinator Jessica Massey.

Massey recently attended a Main Street conference and shared its four-point plan with the board. After hearing how the Main Street Approach worked for other towns, Massey was enthusiastic about its implementation in Lebanon.

“I think it’s incredibly exciting because these four points hit everything that places like Lee Summit have implemented, and they’ve seen tremendous success with it. I think following in the footsteps of people who have actually gone through the process, done the work themselves and then we just kind of follow suit is an awesome way to go,” Massey said.

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