Election judges protect the ballot box


 On every election day in Laclede County, dozens of local folks get up in the wee hours of the morning, to be at polling places scattered across the municipalities and countryside. They are at their posts between 5 and 5:30 am to open the doors officially at exactly 6 am. In most cases, they find a few faithful voters already waiting for that lock to click into place. Before that happens, however, they have finalized the preparation of the voting booths, making sure the appropriate signs and sample ballots are clearly posted, and placing pens in each booth for use with paper ballots.  They count the as yet unvoted ballots, making certain they have the proper ballots for the townships and issues on the ballot that day as they prepare for elections, big and small, from presidential elections to school board, from the US Congress to local city council representatives to various tax proposals, road district issues, propositions and referendums. They turn on the I-pads they bring in which carry the rosters of local registered voters and make sure they are operating properly, add in any last minute absentee votes cast the day before and make certain everything is ready to accommodate their friends, neighbors and relatives who will be coming to vote that day.

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