Lightning strikes in Stoutland


For many, Wednesday night’s plethora of rain was just your typical southwest Missouri thunderstorm, but for Stoutland residents Angie and Bobby Grossenbacher, it was more than that.
At about 10 p.m. on Wednesday night, as his family was watching television, Bobby heard a sound that he explained sounded like a bomb went off in his backyard.
It turned out to be a massive lightning strike that made contact with a 50-foot tree in the family’s backyard right outside of their house, splitting the tree in half. Luckily for the Grossenbacher family, the tree managed to fall the other way instead of right on the roof.
“When it went off initially, we thought it blew up our TV because there was a huge explosion sound,” Bobby Grossenbacher mentioned. “It ended up being the adapter to our internet had exploded, but the power is working and the only thing that hasn’t turned on yet is anything with updated technology.”


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