One last catch for trout season


Four months. Four long months. Thursday begins four long months without catching and keeping the colorful denizens of the cool, clear water at Bennett Spring State Park.
For avid devotees of trout fishing, a fourth of the year is a dismal time to be an angler. Of course, catch and release fishing is allowed “from the second Friday in November to the second Monday in February on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only,” according to the park’s website.
But catching a fish and throwing it back is worse than taking a bite of your favorite pizza and spitting it out except with catch and release fishing there is no tasting a fish cooked in butter and lemon.
Consequently, serious anglers become fishing camels, visiting the the park early this week and storing up fishing memories and tales about lunkers sufficient to last them the winter and until they get to turn their calendar to March and see the fishy they drew there in November to give them hope.
Gene Huelfkamp, a young 80, Kansas City, works hard to create his winter store of fishing memories.
He comes to Bennett twice a month during the regular season, traveling down on Sunday before returning Wednesday with a lot of trout fishing in between.

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