Presiding commissioner candidates: Why are you the best person for the job?


The candidates for Laclede County Presiding Commissioner in Tuesday's Republican primary were profiled in Saturday's LCR. They were asked several questions, including, Why are you the best person for the position?

The responses are below.

Al Samons

I believe in people. I have helped many people acquire their first home, and have financed some of them. I believe in taking care of those who work for you, as loyal employees are your biggest assets. I am a Navy veteran; I will always give veterans preference if I can. The Navy taught me to be a strong, honest Patriot, and I will always stand for Old Glory and kneel at the cross. II will have a flag at the entrance of all country offices within my first week. I do understand this job, and I will be ready to serve you on day 1. There won’t be a need for on-the-job training.

I want to thank Danny Rhoades, Joe Pickering, Jack Glendenning, Darrel Pollock, Glenda Mott, and Linda Cansler for preparing me for the job ahead. I have a clear vision for my mission. I truly know what is expected of me, and I am ready to perform. I hope I have earned your vote. Please shade in the circle completely for Al Samons for Presiding Commissioner. Thank you.


Randy Angst

A strong work ethic, respectful, good listening skills, desire to serve, knowledge of our county, prior elected service and 40 years of business experience, I offer as my testimony to serve as Laclede County Presiding Commissioner.



Wesley Dee Massey


 My experience in serving on public boards and responding to citizens’ concerns 

My reputation for honesty and integrity



Don Myers


I will be able to get along with all elected officeholders in the courthouse and their employees. I will work with each elected official to establish reasonable and realistic budgets I have always been able to see the big picture and my goal will always be to serve the best interest of the citizens of Laclede County. Experience does matter and I am the only candidate for Presiding Commissioner who can say that he has been there and done that.  

I will be a full time commissioner. Your vote would be greatly appreciated.


Bill Morris


Bill Morris did not submit an answer to this question, but in his responses said he  "Worked many years with state, city and county government offices. Owned small retail business for military gear and firearms near Fort Leonard Wood. Experience managing employees and budgeting. He also said he could  work with all the communities of Laclede County to make a difference. 



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