Reader says election is a battle of good versus evil

Jennifer Raper

Editor's note: This letter to the editor by reader Jennifer Raper ran in the Saturday edition of the newspaper. It has since caused some readers to be upset. I am reposting it here out of fairness as I posted a Democratic letter that was meant to go in the newspaper and did not. Also please see my statement on our web page about future political letters to the editor.  Thank you, Fines Massey, editor of the Laclede Record


Are Conservatives bad? That crowds claw and pound and scream at the doors of the Supreme Court just because a Conservative is appointed to sit there?  Are Conservatives that bad because we want to save babies being murdered? Because we believe in God?  A God that tells us to love one another and “thou shall not kill.”  Are Conservatives that bad believing that it is wrong to rip a helpless innocent life from its mother’s womb and just throw it away or to then use the tiny body for parts to be sold or experimented on?  

The Kavanagh “Intergalactic Freak Show” brought to light the tactics of the anti-Conservatives—the Liberals and the media. They are desperate and going ballistic. The falsehoods and smears the liberals orchestrated against a highly respected judge was a last ditch effort to keep a conservative from being appointed to the Supreme Court. Democrat Chuck Schumer had declared he would do anything in his power to keep Kavanagh from being seated. (For once, true words falling from his lips.) Is a Conservative judge being appointed that bad, a man of faith, who will follow the Constitution? 

This election has come down to not just jobs vs mobs, but more apparently good vs evil. Do we want to elect representatives that believe in innocent until proven guilty or a mob rule that sets up a railroad job and goes into a frenzy when it fails? And the liberal press with their poison propaganda has pushed the liberal agenda to such extremes, millions don’t trust anything they say. The press and the liberals walk hand in hand.  It couldn’t be more blatant. The little dog has grabbed the curtain and pulled it back and exposed the deception. 

Of course, there are crazy radicals on both sides, the twisted package bomber in Florida, Rand Paul’s attacker, Rep. Steve Scalise’s shooter, and the likes of Rep. Maxine Waters. But The Republican platform uses the belief in God as its basis. That is the moral compass for the Conservatives. What serves as the liberal’s moral guidance? It seems there is none. Anything goes, nothing is sacred—the life of an unborn baby, the rule of law, truth, common decency, justice. 

Everyone says—Go out and vote. Yes, we should all do that. But I say go out and vote and vote Republican. Our country and so much more is at stake. 

Jennifer Raper




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