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<em>Editor's note: A portion of this column was inadvertently deleted from the Lebanon Daily Record's Weekend edition of Sept. 17 & 18, so we are presenting it here in its entirety.</em>

A note to my son on his first Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Clark. It’s your first as a father. I can only hope little Olive gives you as much pleasure as you have given me over these last 30 years.

I too became a father at 30. I’m now twice that. You were born into a much different world than I was, just as Olive has been born into a much different world than you were. I know you love her with all your heart. Now you know how I feel.

Homegrown tax cuts

(Part 1 of 3)

Here begins the true tale of taxes forgiven for five local companies by a board of seven Laclede County residents meeting with virtually no public notice.

The board is the Enhanced Enterprise Zone of Laclede County. This board has abated property taxes, either at 100 percent or reduced amounts, for five businesses since 2009. By far, the largest tax forgiveness is a 25-year abatement on the sprawling Evergreen Investments headquarters on Evergreen Parkway, owned by the Robert W. Plaster Trust.

Taxes on taxes

A tip of the hat to Darrell Pollock and the Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce for a very successful Business Expo last Saturday. The hundreds of vendors and customers I saw were enjoying themselves – a win/win!

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It will be interesting to see what evolves, if anything, for electric rates after City Council rejected the Anderson-Heard plan two weeks ago.

For sale: Your buildings

A salute to Esther Hurney for her pivotal vote switch to kill an unfair, poorly constructed electric rate hike. And extra kudos to four Council members – Randy Sutter, Cleo Crabtree, Dennis Elmore and Bill Wheeler – who stood fast in opposition through two rounds of voting.

Now there’s time for a balanced approach to setting future electric rates.

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Most taxpayers are in the dark, but city of Lebanon has put major real estate up for sale. I interviewed Mayor Lyle Anderson about his plans for how to proceed.

Wait on rates

Please pray for our nation this week.

The 13th anniversary of Sept. 11 is Thursday. There are new, very serious threats against America. Pray that terrorists don’t attack. Pray that our leaders will protect our land.

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Council will take a final vote on raising electric rates Monday.

It is not necessary to raise rates this year, as I have explained in previous columns.

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