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Exhibitors prepare for 2022 fair

Saturday marks record-breaking weigh-in for Laclede County market animals.

Hundreds flocked to the Laclede County Fairgrounds Saturday, May 14 for the market animal weigh-ins. “This is the first stage of the market animal show and sale,” explained Laclede County Fair President Glenn Raef. “We’re having our hog and lamb weigh in and what they’ll do is take the wight, get them entered and it’ll be done again in 60 days at the fair. This way we can figure the daily rate of gain.” Each animal is ear tagged after weigh in so fair officials can confirm the animal returning for the fair is the same animal present at weigh in. Once weighed at the fair, the animals undergo judging and ultrasounds to measure the loin and determine backfat which is then formulated to come up with a live show score, daily rate of gain score and carcass score. Once they’re ranked, champions are awarded. For more on this story see Wednesday's LCR.


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