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How to clean soot and ash from your pool after a wildfire

(BPT) - If your region faces the risk of wildfires during the hot, dry summer months, you may already have an emergency plan in place. But once the danger has passed, there is a list of things you …

This budget-friendly innovation lets you add a bathroom anywhere

(BPT) - After years of home improvement enthusiasm, homeowners are approaching renovations differently. Inflation means projects cost more, but rather than shelving their home improvement dreams, …

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Use Your Mudroom for Less Household Mess
  (Family Features) Often positioned near the primary point of entry, mudrooms are a popular addition to many family homes. …
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5 Strategies for Proper Ventilation While Cooking
(Family Features) There’s a reason 96% of professional chefs love cooking with gas. Propane-powered cooking appliances offer …
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Preparing for an Uncertain Hurricane Season
(NewsUSA) - The 2023 hurricane season is approaching, and experts say now is the time to prepare.  When a hurricane or even a strong …
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Beware Of Dirty Duct Cleaning Scams
(NAPSI)—Swindlers are scamming homeowners concerned about the health and safety of their families with phony air duct cleaning …
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Go Natural with Home Decor
(BPT) - Is it time to add style to your home’s décor? If you’re drawn to natural beauty and products that have …
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How to decide if a home remodel makes financial sense for you

(BPT) - There comes a time when every homeowner looks around at their house and ponders a few upgrades. Sometimes, those ideas turn into full-on renovations as you reimagine your space to better meet …

1 in 4 homeowners experience weather damage. 5 ways to protect your home.

(BPT) - Spring brings many opportunities to shake off the winter chill and enjoy the warm weather ahead. However, spring can also mean the beginning of severe weather events. According to the Center …
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DIY Tips for Installing Decorative Crown Molding

(Family Features) If you're looking for a cost-effective way to dress up a room in your home, crown molding can be a simple way to add elegance and class with minimal investment.

5 Steps to Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

(Family Features) Getting your yard ready for months of outdoor enjoyment will take a little work, but you'll quickly see and appreciate the results.