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They thought graduation was near. Instead, these immigrant students were pressured to transfer.

Chalkbeat reports on the problems a New York City school's population of English Language Learners faced before being allowed to graduate.

Learning science might help kids read better

The Hechinger Report explains how the evidence is increasing for building students' background knowledge of the world, an indirect way of teaching reading comprehension.

Managing your money

Average student loan debt declines in 2024

Experian takes a look at student loan debt and at how forgiveness programs have helped in many cases.

Most popular car colors in America

To see what vehicle colors hold sway today, compiled a ranking of the most popular car colors in America using data from Edmunds.

How long do points stay on your driving record? clears up how long traffic points stay on a driving record and explains how to fight them and lower insurance costs.

The rise and fall(?) of coding bootcamps

After gaining popularity due to the promise of high-paying jobs without the need for a college degree, BestColleges reports on the state of coding bootcamps in 2024.
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4 really good reasons to use credit over cash
Jose Calsina // Shutterstock Canadians may love the perks and convenience of using credit cards but can also be turned off by the …
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Even as women outpace men in graduating from college, their earnings remain stuck
Kate Flock for The Hechinger Report BOSTON — Madeline Szoo grew up listening to her grandmother talk of being laughed at when she …
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Copying a person's likeness has become easy with AI. Is it legal?
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Ciano // Stacker // Getty Images On May 13, OpenAI demoed GPT-4o, the latest version of its popular …
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How to move stocks and transfer brokerages, stress-free
Andrii Yalanskyi // Shutterstock If you're unsatisfied with your brokerage account, you can easily transfer your funds to a …
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What does brand loyalty look like now? Why businesses are revamping their customer rewards programs
Kaspars Grinvalds // Shutterstock It is a tough time to be in the retail business. Inflation has taken its toll on consumers' …
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Rideshare driver? Here's why your regular insurance isn't enough
Tero Vesalainen // Shutterstock The freedom and flexibility of rideshare driving are attractive. You set your own hours, be your …
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10 high-impact tips to protect yourself from fraud
Fabio Principe // Shutterstock For most of human history, we've had to safeguard what's ours from those who would take it by force …
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A self-made billionaire's advice for lotto winners: Cash or annuity?
ZikG // Shutterstock The Mega Millions jackpot hit $1.1 billion in March 2024, becoming the fifth-largest jackpot ever. The last …
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Why Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever

BestColleges reports that with so many economic factors to consider, Gen Z college students feel more financially insecure than ever.

U.S. metros where financial advisor income has grown the most

SmartAsset ranked 295 metro areas based on the change in median income for advisors in 2023.  

15 of the richest self-made teenagers in the US

Stacker has compiled a list of 15 teenagers, from actors to influencers to bakers, who have created their own opportunities and wealth.

Don't forget homeowners insurance for your new home answers questions about homeowners insurance coverage and provides cost-saving tips.
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Needs-based salaries are upending workplace norms
Siberian Art // Shutterstock Anthony Jarrett has worked for Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC), a Wales-based charity where he …
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Laws and loopholes still perpetuate school segregation across America
Eamonn Fitzmaurice // The 74 Seventy years after the Supreme Court outlawed separating public school children by race, a new report …
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Freelance Like a Pro: Insider Tips from Millionaire Freelancers on Fiverr
(BPT) - As freelancers, we are at a major impasse within the larger future of work conversation. Freelancing has been booming around …
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Which U.S. states have the highest and lowest cost of raising a child?
Jorge Salcedo // Shutterstock When it comes to two working parents raising one child, the median annual cost across all states is …
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Why are schools that banned generative AI now embracing it?
Shutterstock // ImageFlow When ChatGPT launched on Nov. 30, 2022, it caused panic among educators. The large language model is …
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