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Draft horses get spotlight at Expo

The Show Me Draft Horse Four Series organization sponsored their Show Me Horse Expo Saturday at the Rafter S Arena on north Missouri 5. Leah Descamps and her husband, Jason Descamps, president of the Show Me Draft Horse Four Series, were the organizers who partnered with the Rafter S Arena to put on the event. “We’re putting together an educational event for all horse people, but we’re having an emphasis here on draft horses. We’re taking horses literally from the field to the show ring. These guys aren’t harnessed, they’re not braided, they’re not shod. Nothing, and we’re bringing them in here, and we’re taking them through the whole process of prep to get ready to go to the show ring, and then at the end, we’ll drive a team of them around,” Leah Descamps said. For more on this story, see the LCR.